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You can also rely on your local listings to hire a freelance developer, but that may not be an economical option depending on the region you reside in. You may also want to spin up a website highlighting your best Android work. Labaut suggests a website or even a web page with background about your experience, links to your portfolio, and images that showcase applications how to become a mobile developer you’ve worked on. As you advance on your learning journey, there’s also Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers, Android Kotlin Fundamentals, and, for those with a bit more experience, Advanced Android in Kotlin. The developer receives a percentage of that fee, which can vary from platform to platform. Step 0, before you make the ask, is to ensure you’re doing your part.

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You’ll constantly conduct research and get customer feedback throughout the process. You could spend months or potentially years perfecting the app and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop it. After you watch the videos, you’ll take quizzes to test your knowledge. So you can learn to code from your own computer, anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. There are some great resources online that teach you how to code for free.

Choosing Developers With No Prior Experience in Your Niche

The consulting firm model involves hiring freelancers or employees to complete work for your clients on your behalf. The retainer model involves providing ongoing service for your clients over a specific period of time. With a project-based model, you and your client agree on the scope of work you will be performing for a set amount of money. The largest freelancing website, where businesses connect with talented freelancers. There are various platforms that allow you to build your profile and by the touch of a button, become exposed to thousands of businesses looking for your work.

  • The level and quality of the work you put into it will go a long way in deciding how seriously your potential customers take you.
  • Now that your business is set up for success from a logistics perspective, it’s time to think about the financial side of things.
  • A company has a great idea for a product, or in your case, a mobile application.

By building your brand over the long term you’ll be able to avoid this trap while still making money in the meantime. Before we get into how to get clients for your new business, it’s important to discuss your strategies over both the short and long term. But before you even get that first customer you should’ve already decided that you’re going to continue learning about a variety of topics. While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the services and software offerings which you should sign up for immediately.


If you’ve been an in-house web developer, you may already have a sense of the value of certain development projects. If not, you can get a lot of this information from your first few clients. Now that you’re prepared to bring a ton of value to clients with your skills and expertise, it’s time to shift gears into more logistical planning for your new business.

In other words, our potential customers simply weren’t looking for the information (maybe that’s why law firm cybersecurity is so bad – but that’s a rant for a later time). The key to developing a successful blog is to provide information that is, again, useful to your customers and not simply that which you want to write about. Simply asking will result in a very low percentage of your clients actually doing so. You’re not going to make it if you have to generate a marketing related phone call for every eventual customer. Doing so is resource intensive and kills your profit margins (if you’re able to stay in business at all). The first point, which I cannot stress enough, is that you have to provide your customers with both high quality service and a high quality product.


It’s not just about crafting the underlying code for apps; you’ll also need to test features, debug, and interact with stakeholders about their future needs. Lastly, it’s important to prioritize building a community with other freelancers. That can feel counterintuitive—other developers are your competition, aren’t they? No matter where you find potential clients—be it from your own network or a total stranger at a web dev conference—you need to know how to sell yourself and your services. Even the warmest leads and referrals will expect you to be able to defend your skills, your rates, and why you’re the best person for the job.

  • To be a successful mobile app developer, you will need strong technical and programming skills.
  • Conversely, if growing your revenue by 10x requires you upping your marketing by 10x then…….good luck with that.
  • As a freelance app developer, the amount of work assigned to you and schedule tends to be more inconsistent, which may make your income less stable.
  • If you’re hoping to decrease any sort of risk that comes with launching your freelance app developer, designing a prototype can be a great way to de-risk your situation.