Unconventional Dialog: Kanye West and Mike Pence

Kanye West: Hey Mike, did you know about the b.com 2nd year company law syllabus?
Mike Pence: Wow, that sounds interesting! But have you ever dealt with side agreement accounting in your business ventures?
Kanye West: Yes, I have. It’s always a challenge to prove a verbal agreement in court, especially in the music industry.
Mike Pence: Speaking of legal matters, do you know if fire pits are legal in Colorado Springs? I’m planning a trip there.
Kanye West: I’m not sure about that, but have you ever used a boat sales agreement form for any of your investments?
Mike Pence: No, I haven’t, but I did come across the Black Laws Dictionary definition of human. It’s quite fascinating.
Kanye West: It is indeed. By the way, have you ever been through a MA separation agreement? It can be quite daunting.
Mike Pence: I haven’t, thankfully. But I’m curious, do you think free trade agreements are a good idea?
Kanye West: It’s a complex topic. And speaking of complexity, do you know how to denounce a company in Spain? Legal processes can be overwhelming.
Mike Pence: I’m not familiar with that, but I have been researching the top medicine company list for some legislative work I’m involved in.